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The Communication Cookbook

The Communication Cookbook

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  • Age range: 4 - 6 years
  • Training required: No

This fantastic resource book and DVD is packed with fun activities to support language and communication skills in 4 to 6-year-olds!

Further Information

The book focuses on the following five, essential ingredients that support children's communication:

  •    Attention and Listening
  •    Vocabulary
  •    Building Sentences
  •    Story Telling
  •    Conversations

 This product is part of the Talk Boost KS1 Intervention Pack but can be bought separately. 

You can find detailed information about Talk Boost KS1 here.


Customer Reviews 

The reviews below are from Amazon customers here. They are shown as original with spelling mistakes corrected only.

"I am a primary headteacher and have found this very helpful - many children are coming in to schools with low speech and language scores nowadays." 

L.A. Lake, UK 

"Would definitely recommend this one for everyone. It gives details of activities that can easily be included into the daily routine."

J Shutt, UK 

"Fantastic! September welcomes 46 new Ducklings into the Carleton Green Community School family, this book has become an addition to my Bible/survival collection. I'm ready for some fun!!!!!"

Mrs Moss & Ducklings, UK 

"I have acres and acres of these types of activity books on the shelf at home, and some are better than others. This one is far and away my new favourite. As the mother of a rambunctious (to put it mildly) 4 year old boy, who would rather run around and put his fingers everywhere he shouldn't than sit down and read or talk, this has proven a near godsend as we were starting to have some concerns over Darling Son's development needs in this area. This isn't a big book by any means, but what it does packs a hefty punch. The exercises and games are generally really good fun and enough to hold DS's attention and the inclusive DVD a great addition. On closer inspection it seems that the author team behind this hold some pretty specialised qualifications in the area, which might be why this book is so effective despite it's deceptively simple looking content."

F Roberts, UK

"I have found this book to be extremely helpful to me at my work and to share with my colleagues. It is very easy to follow and understand and it explains things well. I was really impressed in the delivery speed - thank you and also the condition of the book was fantastic - thank you again."


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