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Talk Boost KS1 Intervention Pack

Talk Boost KS1 Intervention Pack

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The Talk Boost KS1 Intervention Pack includes everything you need to run Speech and Language UK's interactive, evidence-based programme for 4-7-year old children with delayed language. 

This product can be added to your order after training with a licensed tutor has been booked. To access our 'Find a Tutor' page, please click here.

The Tall Boost Pack includes the following materials:

  •  An Intervention Manual containing detailed group session plans and resources required
  • A Teacher Manual that guides teachers in selecting the right children, tracking their progress and managing the overall operation of the groups
  • Talk Boost KS1 Toolkit which contains a set of musical instruments, toys, and activity materials designed to make your Talk Boost KS1 sessions even more convenient
  • 12 Children’s Activity books to reinforce what has been taught in the group sessions
  • Access to our Classroom Checklist, Online Tracker Tool and Child Attitude Survey to measure and analyse progress which supports Pupil Premium
  • Access to the Communication Cookbook which contains fun activities to support children's language and communication
  • 2 x Talk Boost KS1 Participant Book

You can find detailed information about Talk Boost KS1 here

Customer Reviews

"As children return to school after Covid-19, Talk Boost KS1 will continue to have a key role in closing the vocabulary gap and raising attainment. It has been shown to have a proven success rate in North Ayrshire, therefore we will be encouraging schools to continue with Talk Boost KS1 to foster the key listening and talking skills which are so crucial for life success." Read full review

Claire Morrison and Eileen Halbert, NHS Ayrshire and Arran/Professional Learning Academy

"One of the biggest impacts Talk Boost KS1 has had is that it has addressed the lack of confidence some children felt: teachers have noticed that children have been more confident in speaking in larger groups and have demonstrated turn-taking through putting their hands up in class." 

Angie Ferme, Teaching Assistant at Elburton Primary School in Plymouth

"Talk Boost KS1 has been embraced by everyone in the school.  The intervention has also been well received by parents who have enjoyed working with the children on their Talk Boost KS1 books." 

Sue Beal, Assistant Head of School (Early Years and KS1), Place Farm Academy Haverhill

"Our confidence has increased in being able to identify language delay and to target children suitable for Talk Boost KS1...The resources are lovely – they are easy to use and we really like that they are so ‘ready to go’." 

Emily Mitchell, Literacy Co-ordinator at Denbury Primary School, Newton Abbot

"When we first introduced Talk Boost KS1, 4% of our children in Reception (now Year 2) were at the national expectation for Communication, Language and Literacy.  At the end of this year, our Year 2 group 90-95% will achieve national expectations and above.

Tarnia Townshend, Deputy Headteacher at Bidbury Infant School, Hampshire

"We were looking for a programme for those children that needed a little extra support but not speech and language therapy. Talk Boost KS1 covered everything we wanted to do and we were really impressed when we read the case studies on the website." 

Vanessa Briggs, FSU/KS1 Senior Teacher and Foundation Stage Class Teacher at Littleham Primary School, Devon

“Talk Boost KS1 is great for all those children in the middle – the ones that wouldn’t qualify for specialist help, but aren’t thriving at school because of a speech and language problem and/or a confidence problem.”

Denise O’Neil, Learning Support Assistant, Dover Road Primary, Gravesham

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