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Small Talk Booklet (Set of 5)

Small Talk Booklet (Set of 5)

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This handy little booklet from the Communication Trust is packed with ways to help children aged 0-5 talk and listen.

This pack includes 5 booklets.

Further Information

The booklet provides information for parents on whether their child is on the right track and what to do if they have concerns. It is divided into useful chapters about each age group, with useful tips and ideas on what to do to encourage a child’s communication development.

It is available as a free download in English and as a free download in Portuguese and Polish.

Please note that as these versions have been directly translated from the English version they may not follow some grammar or vocabulary structures. 

Additional Free Resources

Quick look table - this is taken from the Small Talk booklet and is a quick guide that shows the basics children should be doing at each age.

Please click here to download.

Listen up - 2 free resources to play with your children to encourage listening, understanding, interaction, and play.

For preschool children between the ages of 0 and 5, Listen Up 0-5, includes a card game with fun activities and advice on how parents can use the resource.

For children between the ages of 5 and 11, Listen Up 5-11 includes a fun fortune teller with activity cards.

To download the packs please follow the links below:

Listen Up - for parents and practitioners working with children aged 0-5

Listen Up - for parents and practitioners working with children aged 5-11

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