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Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack

Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack

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The Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack includes everything you need to run Speech and Language UK's interactive, evidence-based programme for 3-4-year-old children with speech and language challenges.

This product can be added to your order after training with a licensed tutor has been booked. To access our 'Find a Tutor' page, please click here.

The Intervention Pack includes the following materials:

  •  An Intervention Manual containing detailed group session plans and resources required
  • Early Talk Boost Tool Bag which contains a set of musical instruments, toys, and activity materials designed to make your Early Talk Boost sessions even more convenient
  • 10 x Jake & Tizzy Book Sets (Titles 1-8) that have been specifically designed and written for the intervention
  • 1 x Early Talk Boost Participant Book
  • Access to our Classroom Checklist, Online Tracker Tool, and Child Attitude Survey to measure and analyse progress which supports Pupil Premium

You can find detailed information about Early Talk Boost here

Customer Reviews

"The Talk Boost approach helps children to develop not only their understanding and use of language but also other important skills like attention and listening and turn-taking, which can help ease them back into the school environment."

Jacky Wragg, SENCo in Essex

“What they talk about, every single person is what a difference (Early Talk Boost) …made to the kids." 

Kirstie Randle, Lead Practitioner for STEP Teaching School Alliance, Leicestershire

"...on week 9 when we invite the parents in, we call it Tizzy's graduation ceremony and the children receive a small certificate from Tizzy which both the children and parents love."

Lynn Anderson, early years’ practitioner, Aberdeen

Want to speak with the team about whether Early Talk Boost is right for your setting?

Get in touch with the team by filling out our contact form or by emailing or calling 020 7843 2515.


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